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Herbal DR.Jura company was established in 2535 by Pongsak. Siwewt Ruangchai Who are interested in studying the medicinal Thailand and China. The self-study and study of traditional medicine. The accumulated experience and knowledge of the herbs is reasonable. The hospital opened Jularat name. Lopburi Thailand has a traditional massage and herbal treatment, herbal toothpaste which has produced a powder used to treat patients who have problems with their teeth and gums.

Herbal tooth powder which has been very well accepted by patients. Pongsak have the formula Toothpaste is patented and registered with the FDA. And then began to distribute to patients and the public, after having been received very well by users. DKNY has increased production to expand in Lop Buri and nearby provinces, and in no time we have expanded throughout the country … Read more


Herb Toothpaste

Moa Jula Herbal toothpaste This toothpaste is produced from special blend of her

Herb Soap

Moa Jula Herbal soap 1. Moa Jula herbal soap: Formula 1 (Gold package) 2. Moa Ju


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